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Estancia Grass Fed Beef - Beef as Nature Intended it
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Beef as nature intended

Estancia 100% Grass Fed Beef is Good for the Planet,
Good for the Animal and Good for you.

There are many factors that allow us to produce exceptional, high-quality grass fed beef. Our cattle are raised on open pasture in the Pampas region of Uruguay, where producing 100% grass-fed beef is the way it has always been done. There, year-round rainfall, protein-rich grass, and a centuries-old gaucho tradition help us to produce some of the world’s tastiest and healthiest grass fed beef.

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Estancia Beef is USDA Certified and Process Verified

Estancia grass-fed beef is raised on sustainable family-owned farms in Uruguay. Our premium Hereford and Angus Cattle grow up eating natural grasses their entire lives. They never see a feedlot or get growth promoting antibiotics or hormones. No feedlots means a greater reliance on solar energy, rather than oil, which gives us a very small carbon footprint. This also means happier, healthier animals.


Estancia Beef is comparable to the world’s most premium proteins

  • Half the fat and cholesterol of standard beef

  • No hormones or growth promoting antibiotics

  • High in Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A and E

  • Happy animals raised in Uruguay, a certified Mad Cow free country

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