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Our Team - Estancia Grass Fed Beef
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Our Team

estancia team peter hausin


Chief Executive Officer

Peter is very excited to join this great movement for better beef, better environment and better health. Originally from Zurich, Switzerland, he is an international CEO with extensive operations experience in the food and food distribution industry. His progressive career has been achieved through varied companies both in Europe and USA. He has operated in diverse environments of family owned companies both in development and turnaround situations. In France he managed a large integrated poultry operation. He then co-founded a luxury food product company which became in 10 years the largest operator in France with distribution in 65 countries. In the USA he was the President of a Specialty Food Distributor in NY and NJ and the CEO of a spice manufacturer with an integrated national distribution network. Peter graduated from Lausanne Hotel Management School in Switzerland. He has 4 children.

estancia team bill reed



Bill grew up on a Virginia cattle ranch, Brookview Farm, a leader in raising free-range, grass-fed beef for more than twenty years. After he graduated from the University of Virginia, his lifelong connection to the land inspired him to homestead in Alaska, where he built a log cabin by hand and lived off the land.  Returning to civilization meant a move to Eastern Europe where he worked with the Czech brewery Krusovice, learning the beer industry from hops to barrel. He returned to the US in 1995, and shortly after moved to San Francisco to join Odwalla, a fresh juice maker at the forefront of the socially and environmentally responsible food industry. Starting as a truck driver, in six years Reed became the director of operations, with yearly sales expanding from $25 to $150 million during that time.  In 2001 Reed was hired as CEO of New Leaf Paper, maker of environmentally-responsible, recycled paper. Sales grew from $3.5 to $20 million during his five-year tenure.


In March 2006, Bill joined his childhood friend and fellow rancher JP Thieriot to realize another lifelong dream: to create a venture that raised consumer awareness and appreciation for the health and taste benefits of grass-fed beef.
estancia team jp thieriot



J.P. Thieriot is a native San Franciscan born to an Argentine mother. Growing up, he divided his time between San Francisco and cattle ranches in Argentina.


After graduating from Yale with a degree in environmental sciences, he returned to the Bay Area to pursue a career as a venture capitalist and entrepreneur, with special focus on technology businesses in South America. He never lost his passion for 100% grass-fed beef or the desire to bring that flavor to the U.S. Along with another childhood friend, Wil Harris (no relation to Harris Ranch!), he opened El Raigon restaurant in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, a steakhouse that served only pasture-raised, grass-fed beef.


Starting in 2002, Thieriot and Reed acquired ranches in Argentina and Uruguay, learning the grass-fed beef business from pasture to slaughterhouse to distribution and marketing in the US.

estancia team wil harris



Wil grew up in Oregon on a farm raising grass-fed beef and riding horses. His family has been in sustainable farming practices since he was a child. After graduating from the University of Virginia, Wil spent 5 years working in Buenos Aires in banking and agriculture.

estancia team rachelle sy


Director of Accounting & Operations

Rachelle Sy was raised on the lost cattle grazing ranchos de Santa Ana – San Juan Cajon, Canon, and Santiago – by a French Tunisian father of Spanish descent and a mother with roots in the citrus groves of California. Rachelle arrived in San Francisco in 2000 to study business management and modern religions. She then built and grew a successful accounting practice specializing in international business, food and beverage management, sustainable practices, and educational organizations. While learning the business of craft brewing, in 2006 she met Bill Reed at a restaurant on Haight Street, and joined Estancia soon thereafter, eager to be a part of a sensible and delicious solution for a healthy food system.



U.S. Operations Manager & Central Sales

Growing up in Durango, Colorado, Ian was always drawn to nature and the outdoors. He always felt lucky to spend his summers camping with his family and his winters skiing as much as he possibly could. It wasn’t until his early college years after working for an organic farm for a summer that he fully immersed himself in agriculture. After managing farms and ranches in New Mexico and Washington state for the next 10 years, he found his way back to Durango in 2005 to manage a USDA inspected processing plant and organic farm.


Local food has always been important to Ian and he is proud of his work helping develop and implement a successful farm-to-school program in southwestern Colorado. Always looking to make a bigger impact in the struggle to heal the hurting agricultural system in America, Ian was happy to find a company that shared his strong beliefs and joined the Estancia team to manage the US grassfed beef operations and Mountain region sales. When Ian is not at work for Estancia, you will find him skiing or camping with his wife and son in the mountains around Denver.

estancia team sylvia tang


Senior Operations Analyst & Marketing Coordinator

Sylvia grew up far from fertile pastures, in the desert and bustling city of Los Angeles. Her first exposure to sustainable food and agriculture came while attending UC Berkeley, where Michael Pollan gave a guest lecture in her first environmental science class that changed the way she thought about food. She went on to complete a business degree but never lost sight of her passion, whether it was taking field trips to a dairy farm for an animal management class while studying abroad, or heading environmental initiatives at Accenture, the consulting firm she joined out of college. After sneaking off work early too many times to attend this sustainable food lecture or that speaker panel, she decided to pursue this passion full-time and is glad she found somewhere where she sees the business making an impact on the environment and the way people eat every day.

estancia team alexis tejeda


Customer Service & Logistics Manager

Alexis Tejeda grew up in the Green Mountains of Vermont, where she spent her childhood skiing and enjoying the outdoors. She graduated from American University in Washington, D.C., where she studied journalism and political science. She interned on Capitol Hill with then-Congressman Bernie Sanders, and even wrote a speech for him that was read on the House floor.


After graduating, Alexis found her real passion in the food industry. She moved to San Francisco in 2007, and promptly fell in love with the Bay area. Alexis worked in a Michelin Star restaurant, all the while immersing herself in the local, healthy, and sustainably farmed and raised food movement. She is a passionate advocate for healthy living, which made Pasture One a perfect fit.


When she is not at work, Alexis enjoys raising backyard chickens, bicycling and discovering local organics with her husband and two young sons.